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Complex Magazine June/July 2002

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Double-O who? As Pierce Brosnan suits up for his last turn as James Bond,
it's time to give the jet-setting spy job to another brother.
by Sharon Knolle
Will Smith
Even aliens know he can pack a mean punch -- and that was before he trained to play Muhammad Ali. Only the Freshest Survive Chart-busting theme song, "Only the Freshest Survive." The last thing we need is Tommy Lee Jones as Q.
Benicio Del Toro Clean him up, slap him in a tux, and this badass border cop could make a dapper spy, not to mention an excellent ladies' man. License Tequila An Oscar, an ability to juggle women and get laid a lot. The Usual Suspects mumble was funny once, but James Bond needs to enunciate.
Chris Tucker He's already studying with Bill Clinton for a role as president, so why not multitask and ask the sex-crazed ex-prez for pointers with the ladies? Never Touch 007's Radio Some movies Jackie Chan taught him for Rush Hour, plus he's damn funny. Octopussy jokes would get tiring fast.
Chow Yun-Fat The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon star's also known for his ultra-smooth, well-dressed turns in John Woo's The Killer and Hard Boiled From Hong Kong With a Bullet Two-fisted shooting style, his own toothpick for the martinis. Bond is decidedly less suave with subtitles.
Jon Stewart Oh sure, he's funny behind a desk, but what about when shorty's getting chased by murderous villains? Death is for the Tall Sardonic wit, ability to raise one eyebrow at a time. Too nervous to "perform" with multiple Bond girls.