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The Queen
The Queen is majestic. One of the best movies of the year, with a stunning tour de force performance from Helen Mirren.
October 5, 2006

Maggie Gyllenhaal gives a powerful performance as a drug addict trying to reconnect with her daughter after being paroled.
September 8, 2006

10th and Wolf
Inspired by a true story, this '90s-era mob tale of a guy who tries to escape the life but ends up turning informant instead, isn't particularly convincing. Let's just say, it certainly isn't anything you haven't seen before.
August 22, 2006

Famous and not-so-famous crossword devotees reveal why they're obsessed with puzzle solving in this charming documentary.
June 14, 2006

Art School Confidential
Disaffected art students of the world may get a kick out of the movie, but the awkward mix of genres doesn't gel.
May 3, 2006

Lars Von Trier's sequel to Dogville, is a preachy, dull and stagebound morality play about slavery that's of limited appeal to anyone who isn't already a fan. Either you like Von Trier or you don't. This film isn't likely to convert you.
February 2, 2006

The New World
Definitely not Disney's Pocahontas, but you can still bring the whole family to this gorgeous historical epic, which boasts one of the most beautiful and moving big-screen romances in years.
December 21, 2005

The Libertine

Good Night and Good Luck

Howl's Moving Castle

Bride and Prejudice

Alone in the Dark

The Sea Inside

Flight of the Phoenix

Waiting: Interviews with Ryan Reynolds, Justin Long, Dane Cook and Andy Milonakis

The Jacket: Interviews with Adrien Brody, Jennifer Jason Leigh, John Maybury